The Perfect Push Present


What is a push present?

No, it is not a present that you push onto someone. While a push present actually DOES have something to do with pushing… it is probably not the kind of pushing that first comes to mind. Think about pushing a baby out of a woman’s uterus and you are on the right track. A push present is a gift a father gives to the mother after the birth of their child. This present may be given before or after the birth or even in the delivery room. Push presents have recently gotten more and more popular in the United States. The meaning behind giving push presents is that moms deserve a little something special after going through 9 long months of pregnancy and then grueling labor.
Push Present

Now here is why we think these fine M.Cruz Jewelry pieces make the best push presents:


  Rose Pearl Studs

Stud earrings

You can never go wrong with a classic and simple pair of studs. It’s the perfect gift for the mom who likes to keep things clean and elegant.    

Love Me Heart Bracelet


What says I love you more than our Love Me Heart Bracelet? After nine long months of pregnancy, every new mom deserves a gift of love. And the very best part? She'll always carry your heart around.    


A necklace is perfect for the mom that loves to be the life of the party. After giving birth, she deserves a little extra attention. Get her something bold and different! She'll dazzle everyone with our Alanis emerald necklace.  


Here are a few more jewelry designs under $500 that will make a sweet present:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.48.19 PM
  1. 1.Becky diamond necklace: $349
  2. 2.Rose pearl necklace: $139-$269
  3. 3.Sammy turtle pendant: $59-$189
  4. 4.Rose pearl earrings: $129-$269
  5. 5.Alanis emerald necklace- $429
  6. 6.Mar cuff bracelet-$159-$189
  7. 7.Love me heart necklace-$79-$199
  The best part of all of these gifts? They’re customizable! Put the cherry on top and get them engraved or choose stones that mean something special to you and your partner.
If you were to customize an M.Cruz Jewelry piece for your partner, what would you want it to say?
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12 days of Gifts

The Holiday Season is in full swing and just in case you're having trouble finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, we decided to make it easy for you this year with not just 1 or 2 but 12 Days of Gifts to fit all sorts of loved ones in your life.

Here are our 12 Days of Gifts:

Day 1

12 Days of Gifts: Day 1 - Vanessa RingVanessa Ring:

Named after my sister (the nurse), the Vanessa ring is inspired by coral with a modern twist. It makes a great gift for the lady who will love an everyday statement ring!  One of our bestsellers, the Vanessa ring has received a lot of love by both oh so chic women and the press.  

Day 2

12 Days of Gifts: Day 2 - Mar CuffMar Cuff:

Mar is Spanish for Sea, the inspiration behind the Coral Collection. The Mar Cuff makes a great gift for the lady who will appreciate a versatile piece of jewelry. Whether worn with jeans and a tee, work outfit or a little black dress for an evening out, it will make the perfect gift.

Day 3

12 Days of Gifts: Day 3 - Becky Diamond NecklaceBecky Diamond Necklace:

Named after my friend of 20 years, the Becky is made for the modern lady. Becky is a mom of 2, dedicated to her faith, loves fashion and travel. Dainty, simple and great for layering, the Becky will be the gift treasured for many years. Best part is, you can customize the stone to match her favorite stone. There is nothing nicer than a personalized gift for the holidays.

Day 4

12 Days of Gifts: Day 4 - Rose Pearl StudsThe Rose Studs:

These babies are named after my mom, one of the most important people in my life. My mom loves God, helping others and lives a life full of joy and faith! These studs make the perfect gift for the woman who is in search for a simple, quality everyday stud. Have fun personalizing these studs with her favorite stone!

Day 5

12 Days of Gifts: Day 5 - NalamalaNalamalas:

Oh how I love Nalamalas! I met Natalia last year at an event and loved her spirit and jewelry. She creates beautiful malas for the yogi in your life. All handmade in NYC by Natalia, each piece is made with love and intention.

Day 6

12 Days of Gifts: Day 6 - Sisterhood CollectionSisterhood Collection:

I created the brass plated limited edition sisterhood collection for sisters and bff’s to give a gift with meaning. Each color and charm has meaning and is handmade with love and intention by yours truly. Buy this thoughtful set and give a piece to each of your girls... they will truly love it!

Day 7

12 Days of Gifts: Day 7 - Saree RingSaree Ring:

Saree is my daughter’s middle name, meaning “most noble”. It makes a great gift for the lady who loves bold jewelry. Available in silver, 14k gold and several different stones--you have many options to choose from. Best part about the Saree is you can customize the stone and create a personalized one of a kind gift that she will love.

Day 8

12 Days of Gifts: Day 8 - Maria Onyx NecklaceMaria Necklace:

Named after my funny Argentinean mother in law, it is the perfect everyday pendant necklace. Does the lady in your life love wearing the same jewelry daily? If so, the Maria will make a gift that is sure to be enjoyed for many years.

Day 9

12 Days of Gifts: Day 9 - Izzy Pearl CuffIzzy Pearl Cuff:

Oh Izzy, named after my feisty 4-year-old niece is our favorite mixed metal piece. A mix of 14k gold and oxidized silver, the Izzy cuff is a great gift for the lady who loves wearing mixed metal jewelry for a modern look.

Day 10

12 Days of Gifts: Day 10 - Soty Ear ClimbersSoty Ear Climbers:

Soty, my cousin and friend throughout my entire life. She’s a mom of 2, halloween fanatic and most generous person I know. The Soty ear climbers are our modern take on the ear climber trend. For the modern woman who enjoys trends created for long term wear, these studs are made of 14k gold, simple, dainty and handmade in NYC.

Day 11

12 Days of Gifts: Day 11 - Sammy the TurtleSammy the Turtle:

Named after my daughter’s childhood turtle, Sammy is very special piece. Turtles represent endurance, longevity, protection, innocence, strength, creation. Great gift for the special lady in your life who loves turtles and will appreciate a meaningful gift.

Day 12

12 Days of Gifts: Day 12 - Love Me Heart NecklaceLove Me Heart Necklace:

I designed the love me necklace/bracelet because hearts represent love, the most important part of being. Give the Love Me Necklace/Bracelet to the lady in your life who you love with all your heart or the lady who exudes love to others with all her being.
  That's it for our 12 Days of Gifts! Can you picture a special person for each of the above gifts?
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Why invest in bridal jewelry?

5 pieces of-2  

Purchasing bridal jewelry is the perfect time to invest in fine jewelry! If you are the simple yet modern bride why not invest in affordable luxury jewelry you can wear long after your wedding day?  It will be well worth the splurge, enjoyed for as long as you choose and be a constant reminder of your special day! Once you decide on your dress and hairstyle, the next step should be selecting your jewels.

First, decide on one or two pieces that you will get the most use out of, then decide on your budget and finally choose the style of jewelry that will compliment your wedding dress. There are several bridal jewelry designers to chose from. Take out time to do research and make a list of what matters most to you. For example, locally made, handmade, recycled materials, organic, classic or vintage designs, ethically soured stones, etc.

Thanks to the internet we have so many options to choose from so set aside time to browse the web. Try to order your jewelry 6-8 weeks before your wedding day, as many local and handmade brands are made to order. The perfect jewelry will not only compliment your dress but will be around for many years to enjoy and can become a family heirloom for the next generation. Weddings can be expensive and stressful so make sure to treat yourself to something you can enjoy long after your special day!

Check out a few simple pieces that would be perfect for your special day from our Coral Collection. The Maggie lariat, Diamond lariat, Rose studs and the Saree ring are great options. Simple and modern, these pieces are great for the beach bride.



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