Why invest in bridal jewelry?

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Purchasing bridal jewelry is the perfect time to invest in fine jewelry! If you are the simple yet modern bride why not invest in affordable luxury jewelry you can wear long after your wedding day?  It will be well worth the splurge, enjoyed for as long as you choose and be a constant reminder of your special day! Once you decide on your dress and hairstyle, the next step should be selecting your jewels.

First, decide on one or two pieces that you will get the most use out of, then decide on your budget and finally choose the style of jewelry that will compliment your wedding dress. There are several bridal jewelry designers to chose from. Take out time to do research and make a list of what matters most to you. For example, locally made, handmade, recycled materials, organic, classic or vintage designs, ethically soured stones, etc.

Thanks to the internet we have so many options to choose from so set aside time to browse the web. Try to order your jewelry 6-8 weeks before your wedding day, as many local and handmade brands are made to order. The perfect jewelry will not only compliment your dress but will be around for many years to enjoy and can become a family heirloom for the next generation. Weddings can be expensive and stressful so make sure to treat yourself to something you can enjoy long after your special day!

Check out a few simple pieces that would be perfect for your special day from our Coral Collection. The Maggie lariat, Diamond lariat, Rose studs and the Saree ring are great options. Simple and modern, these pieces are great for the beach bride.



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