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When I set out to create my first jewelry line in late 2013 the one thing I was sure of was I wanted to create an American Made brand and produce my jewelry in my hometown of NYC! As a growing brand, it excites me to know I have the power to choose how I impact the world. My jewelry is locally made, sold direct to consumer and 10% of each purchase is donated to charity. Keeping production local can be expensive, but worth every penny. When a brand decides to produce products in the US the cost per piece is higher than oversees, however minimums are lower.  A few factors that impact the cost of production are higher paid employees, cleaner work environments, higher cost for raw materials, etc. Many companies are going the route of producing their products consciously in the US , especially with help of Maker's Row.


Maker's Row was one of the first companies I came across when I set out on my journey in late 2013 to design my first collection. Co-founders, Matthew and Tanya have created an incredible company which provides an expansive network of American factories ranging from apparel to home decor and everything in-between. They continue to grow at rapid speed and I encourage you to check out the site and their story here. Using sustainable and recycled metals and ethically sourced gems and diamonds is now my focus.  I believe I can create beautiful jewelry reducing my carbon footprint on the planet. Just a few reasons to buy locally made jewelry are: better quality, supports local business, creats jobs, fast turnaround time, less of an environmental impact and personalized customer service.

Fine jewelry is not just an accessory, it holds sentimental value, is an extension of our style and an investment which should be carefully selected. Jewelry should be made with love in a healthy, ethical environment and be of the best quality for the price. Everything from sourcing materials, manufacturing practices and packaging can be both beautiful and eco friendly. When purchasing jewelry, I suggest you buy local. Usually the quality, price and customer care you receive will be of the highest standards. Jewelry is an investment so treat it as so! Ask questions about production, material, gem grade, etc. so that you make an informed decision before buying. After all, fine jewelry will be around for as long a you choose so treat your purchase like any other investment.

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xo, Mel

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